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The Big Ugly (2020)

USA (English) 106 min
3.8 3
  - /10   - /10   1
Updated on 2020 Jul 26
Director: Scott Wiper
Cast: Vinnie Jones, Ron Perlman, Nicholas Braun, Leven Rambin, Brandon Sklenar, Lenora Crichlow, Bruce McGill, Daniel Buran, David Myers Gregory, Stephen Marcus, Elyse Levesque, Mark Rhino Smith, Joelle Carter, Leilani Barrett, Nathan Neorr, J. Gary Thompson, Kevin Crowley, Patt Connolly, Mark Sussman, Richard Miro, Moira Quirk, Darren Richardson, Jeff Witzke, Eddie Frierson, Anthony Horton, Adam Wylie, Malcolm McDowell, Lea Hutton Beasmore, Jon Bruno, Joseph D. Sexton, Corey Glover, Terry Dunn, John Tyler Groce, Tonya Eden, Cassondra Lawson, David Fultz, Marc Hockl, Matt Hudson, Marty Blankenship, Matthew Hannifin, Justin Inman, Rodger Masten, Steve Williams, Daphne Matthews, Joshua Lindell, Matthew Omohundro, John Lawson, Kyle Kingsolver, Melodie Past, Gabria W. Sexton


Anglo-American relations go bad when London mob bosses invest in a West Virginia oil deal in hopes of laundering dirty money.

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